Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy, busy...

Don't know where the time goes to.

I needed to remake some mug rugs for the Mug Rug Swap.
My first ones I made seem to have been lost by the 
postal system ,a first for me, 
they're usually very dependable.

Fabric is Wild Thyme from SewFreshFabrics and NationCreations.

These are the mug rugs I received from Lori:

Here are my three rows for the Robin Rowers swap:

Top from Anita
Middle from Michele

the labels:

I've received 4 towels from my  towels swap:
Jan  Feb  Mar   Apr

Recent cards from my 4X6er's Postcard swap:
Top 3 are for the Monochromatic theme

These were circles and /or triangles:

Almost finished with my houses row for !, can't say yet.

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. I usually find Postie very good, but he does seem to be on a 'go slow' at the moment:)
    lovely swaps

  2. And.....the three remakes were received safe and sound here in Ottawa, Canada. I love them and will initiate them tonight. Thanks Betsy.

  3. wow so much goodness to comment on! i adore the three mugrugs you made and especially the top one. i have never seen the flowers in pink. your round robin quilt is looking so stinkin adorable. and that label of the houses is awesome and the last pc is fabulous but im a sucker for flying geese that are flow